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Hallie Brand works with business and nonprofit leaders to grow profitable organizations that make a difference in their communities. She mainly focuses on strategy, leadership development, and fundraising for social enterprises and creatives in the southern United States and around the globe.

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Kind Words

Hallie provides an invaluable service to Potter & Clay Ministries. Her unique experience and skills helped us define our vision, goals, and strategies. Through her big heart for people and passion for business, our organization has reached new heights and accomplished even more than we imagined. Hallie has been a pivotal part of improving our donor communications and fundraising approach. In addition to her consulting knowledge, she has provided endless encouragement as we pursue the goals set for our ministry. She has been there for Potter & Clay since the very beginning and has been an inexplicable asset in making it what it is today.
— Jordan Walker and Rebecca Gasson, Founders, Potter and Clay Ministries - Mare Rouge, Haiti
Over the past three years, Hallie has offered wise counsel, constructive feedback, encouragement, and outside of the box thinking. She has helped HPH in countless ways and is a huge asset when it comes to planning and navigating hard decisions. She can look at things from fresh angles and offer great perspective. She is wonderful.
— Rebecca Gardner, Founder, Hands Producing Hope
Working with Hallie has been SUCH a blessing to my business! She has been such a huge asset in several dreams of mine becoming reality as she’s walked me through the steps necessary for those dreams to happen! Hallie has improved my workflow & encouraged me to jump, even when fear wanted to keep me from chasing after what God has had in store for my business. I’m so thankful that I’ve chosen to work with Hallie & know that she has helped my business grow in so many ways during our time working together!
— Katelyn Hambick, Photographer, Katelyn Anne Photography


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Our Impact

In addition to our work with social impact groups and creatives, Dot is committed to working to make an impact through special projects.
Here are some of our stats:

Student Scholarships

Through our product line and school supply bundle projects, we’ve provided 44 full-year scholarships to students in four countries since 2014.

Adoption Grants

Through a partnership with Hearts of Compassion in Jackson, MS, we’ve provided more than $2,000 in adoption grants to families at Christ Covenant School since 2016

Disaster Relief

Because her family was affected by Hurricane Katrina, Hallie is passionate about disaster relief. Through the development of special products and local donations, we were able to give more than $2,500 in donations and supplies to hurricane relief efforts in Louisiana and Texas in 2016 and 2017.