Living out "Simplicity Allows Creativity". A note from Hallie.


Hey friends,

Hallie Brand here, Dot's Founder, with a quick note about some changes you'll see (and may have already noticed) over the past few months and next few months. 

This journey of entrepreneurship has been a major highlight of my life, but some things have got to change to make it sustainable for this new season.

I'm working on reshaping the way I talk about things on social media and our mass communications. You see, over the past few years, we've had this big and ever rotating "team" of sorts made up of Interns, part-time staff, and me. I've had the opportunity to mentor nineteen amazing college girls through our intern program, and they have changed my life and my leadership in a thousand different ways. We've focused on empowering students--and I wasn't a student anymore--so it was easy to let my student team be the focus. However, I'm in a season now where God is blessing the small things in my life, and I want to honor that. We'll continue to do projects with different people (and honestly I've learned that I have no idea what the future holds with all of this), but for the next few months, you'll be hearing mostly just from me. In the beginning, I adopted a "we" mentality to make myself believe big things about the company I was creating, and it was beautiful the way that it made people trust and join our community. However, today, it's just me again in our office (at my home) running this crazy little thing God has called me to again and again. 

It's going to be quieter than it once was. I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the voices on social media lately. There have been times where connecting with people on social media was incredibly life-giving for me, but over the past few months, I've found myself riddled with comparison syndrome and then guilt when I wasn't living up to my own expectations or the standards that others were setting. I'm not saying that social media is a bad thing. Quite the contrary actually, it's helped us reach thousands of people around the globe with our message over the past for years. But this season is one where I personally need a little less of it in my life. I'll still be posting--I'm assuming that Instagram or our email newsletter is how you found this--but it will be less often than the once a day standard I once had, and it'll probably be more centered around a particular project that we're working on (or blog posts about fun things we're learning about making small decisions with a big impact). 

I'm incredibly blessed to be in a position where I have a platform to use for good, and I want to do that to my biggest ability. And I think the best way I can do that now is to talk about being small. To talk about Doing One Thing. Because life isn't about the huge one-time things that everyone sees. It's about the day-in-and-day-out living life with the people you love and the practices you implement to make yourself more whole. And this year, as I learn more about those practices, I want to bring you alongside me. 

I'm not exactly sure what that will look like, but I'm praying and thinking through changes that I'll be implementing this year. I'll share those with you as they are confirmed in my heart and head. My hope is still the same, that Dot would be a place that empowers people to live out their callings through education. But my definition of education and callings and empowerment are all a little more grey and nuanced than they were when we first started. Because that's life, right? 

Thank you for understanding and for being on this journey of a life well lived with me.

Hallie D. Brand