Welcome to the new Dot.

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Do what you can with what you have
in the moment you are in. Grow from there. 


Hey friends, 

If we haven't met, I'm Hallie Brand. That's me on the left with my cute husband Gus. I started Dot as a school and art supply company when I was senior in college. After a number of years of running that business — and the lifestyle changes that came with getting married — we decided to shift Dot’s focus to helping people start and grow businesses and organizations that make an impact. We believe business is one of the most powerful ways you can change the world. We’ve seen it happen. We want to help you be a part of it. Join us today!


Mostly, I'll be mentoring small business owners and providing resources for starting and growing businesses, but every so often, I'm keeping my hands wet in product sales by launching a product that has some social good tied to it. 

In celebration of our relaunch and my 27th birthday, I'm selling these t-shirts,
designed by my talented friend Kylie Stinson, and $3 from every t-shirt will go to my friends at
Hands Producing Hope, an incredible organization working to empower women
in Rwanda, Costa Rica, and refugees in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Would you buy a t-shirt to celebrate Dot, HPH, and my birthday today?

In order to not have to deal with inventory, we’re selling the shirts through our friends at Bonfire.

They’re a great company we love! Actually, here’s our referral code: www.bonfire.com/welcome/c6d23cf8d6da4
(We’ll both get an extra $1 for every shirt you sell if you use our code!)

But anyway, because we use Bonfire, the shirts work on a preorder system. They are only available for purchase through September 24th and will ship the first week in October!

Hallie D. Brand