Starting and growing small businesses and nonprofits is hard work, and we wanted to make it a little bit easier.
In this resource library, our founder Hallie D. Brand is working to compile nearly her business knowledge and the knowledge of others for you to access! We’ve used real life pictures as often as possible to give you a glimpse into what it has looked like for Hallie to walk out this journey in hopes of you connecting the pictures you see to your very real life and experiences. Business is typically as messy as it is beautiful, so don’t let Instagram fool you.
Resource requests are accepted at the bottom of the page and worked on as time allows. 

All resources are the copyrighted work of Dot Products. See our Resource Use Policy for more information.


Our most robust business resource.
If you're in the beginning stages of starting a social enterprise or creative business, this is a great place to start. Although it is not written for nonprofits, it can be helpful for nonprofit leaders too! This workbook style guide will get you from idea to making money (and where to spend it wisely once you do!). This guide will reference many of the other resources in our library.


This resource helps you understand what to expect in working with the Dot Team in Mentoring Sessions. 

General Resources


Our favorite tips and tricks for running an online business. Here you'll learn about website builders, payment processors, a tiny bit about social media.

Creative and Social Enterprise Resources

Nonprofit Resources

Leadership Resources

Mississippi Resources

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Our team loves to receive your resource requests and takes every one into consideration. Because our priority is creating meaningful content for business and nonprofit leaders, we aren't always able to fill every request. We recognize our strengths and try to stick to them.
(Ex: While we may create documents that help with basic business accounting, we personally use an accountant for our taxes. Don't expect an in-depth document on prepping taxes!)
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