Our Strengths

Strategy and Planning

Whether you are ten days or ten years in, it’s important to have an actionable plan in order for your business or organization to reach its potential. We’ll work together to create a realistic strategy for your month, quarter, and year. In this work, our goal is for you to gain clarity, make a plan, and begin to take small tangible steps towards your goals. Sign up for a one-time session or a monthly accountability check-up for creatives ready to take their work to the next level.

(Fundraising and Sales)

You want to do good, but that takes resources. You think it’s worth the investment, but you want to talk to someone before you get started. Work with me to process your money hurdles, create a plan, and pursue your goals in a way that won’t leave you worried about money.


When people ask what I do, I often joke that my job is like “therapy for your business”. On our entrepreneurial journeys, sometimes all we need is someone to say “Well done!”, “I’m in this with you,” or occasionally “I think it’s time to go another direction.” That’s what Dot is here for. I will give you honest feedback and walk with you as you process your hurdles, helping you walk away with more confidence and a clear plan for moving forward.