Consulting Policies



Billing policies are subject to change and may be done so without advance notice. Current clients will be contacted with policy updates.

Sessions are billed by the half hour. Any session that extends fifteen minutes into the next half hour will be billed for a second session. First-time sessions must be paid for in advance of the session. After the first session, clients will be billed on the 15th and 30th of the month. Work done outside of sessions (extra calls, reviewing documents, messaging conversations, etc.) will be billed in fifteen minute increments at the session price.


We are honored that you choose to work with us and give us confidential information about your business, and we believe your privacy is of utmost importance. All communication is kept private, and any personal information you share will never be shared beyond our team. I understand that we work with many people within similar industries and, while our goal is to work to make industries collaborative and communicative, there are simply many details that are important to keep between client and consultant. We will never share any financial, sales, bookings or any other specific numerical details of your business with anyone without your express permission. Because we believe that business is collaborative, we do occasionally work to connect our clients to each other and to other leaders in their industries. If you would like us to not do this, please just let us know. It will have no effect on our relationship.

Along those same lines, we will also not share the details of anyone else’s business with you. In pursuit of privacy, expect any anecdotes about client work to be void of descriptive details.

Because our goal is to develop the well-being of your company in order for you, your family, and your community to thrive, we will ask questions about all aspects of your business and the way it interacts with your life. You have absolute freedom to choose not to answer any question and can let us know by communicating that in the moment or in advance.

[A note from Hallie: My husband Gus is my business partner and assists in all aspects, but particularly the financial spectrum, of my consulting work. Please let me know in advance of our first conversation If you have an issue with my sharing the content of our conversations. It won’t be a problem but it will limit some of my abilities as he is a major contributor to my work.]

Social Media and Privacy:

Although I don’t get the chance to share about every client, I love sharing about the people and organizations I’m working with as we work together. I think it’s a courageous choice that you’ve decided to choose to invest in yourself, and I want to celebrate you in that.

However, my biggest priority is your privacy. If you would prefer me to not share about your business, just let me know.